English as a Second Language/English Language Learner

Nine Star Offers English classes for beginning to advanced ESL students.

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What is ESL?

ESL stands of English as a Second Language. ESL classes are designed to teach English language skills to non-native speakers.

What level are the classes?

Nine Star offers low-cost English speaking classes in Anchorage for beginning to advanced students. Students first assessed on their current skills and then placed in the appropriate class.

What do the classes cover?

The classes cover basic reading, writing, language, and conversational skills. ESL students can progress from having little to no English skills to being fluent in English. 

English Language learners are provided with instruction in fundamental English skills and realia which provides students with opportunity to improve their understanding of American cultures and real life situations. Gaining US Citizenship is an important step for many of our immigrant population in Alaska. Nine Star Adult Education provides these individuals with assistance in interview and test preparation. 

How do I enroll for a class? 

You can enroll online. Click here to enroll.

When and where are the classes?

Click here to download our current schedule of classes

How many classes will I attend?

Length of enrollment depends upon the individual’s English proficiency.

How much do the classes cost?

$50 per 10-12 week semester

What are the benefits of completing ESL classes?

Students have the opportunity to improve their English fluency in writing and reading, pronunciation, and understanding of American cultures and real life situations. Many ESL students have higher education degrees from their home countries and attend university in the US after becoming proficient in English.


Two Locations

Downtown Anchorage
730 I Street, Anchorage, AK
(907) 339-0870

Wasilla Location
Westside Center
899 W. Commercial Dr.
Wasilla, AK
(907) 373-7833

Open enrollment year round.

Inclement weather policy:
If Anchorage School District is closed due to weather, Anchorage ESL classes are also cancelled.