The Net2Ladder Guiding Statement:

Job seekers participate in guided program activities uniquely designed to help individuals improve employment, avoid homelessness, eliminate barriers to employment success, and become financially self-reliant through improved education and employment opportunities.


The Vision of Net2Ladder:

Nine Star’s N2L Vision is to “Deliver services that PREVENT homelessness and IMPROVE the quality of life for all Alaskans. N2L services will reduce the ranks of individuals and their families in danger of losing stable housing.


Net2Ladder Program
  • Job seekers participate in a deliberate, operational program infrastructure to help individuals improve employment opportunities, especially where lack of diversity, equity, and inclusion threaten success.
  • Nine Star’s trauma-informed workplace focuses on identifying and removing barriers, increasing resilience, promoting mental health wellness, increasing financial security, and providing support to build healthy families.
  • A variety of person-centered activities lead job seekers through a Menu of Coordinated Services, leading to improved employment matching job seekers and their families to their career paths.
  • A continually expanding infrastructure incorporates and aligns job seekers with services that augment employment opportunities, leading them to financial stability.
  • Net2Ladder program supports Alaska’s unique multicultural and multigenerational workforce. N2L seeks explicitly to help job seekers who face significant barriers to finding and sustaining employment independently. The program is intentional in providing equitable access and to coach the high-barriered job seeker. This is done by providing a Menu of Coordinated Services that addresses housing insecurity, criminal background, increasing digital literacy, and mental wellness while offering educational credentials and employment experiences.
THE NET: Homeless Prevention
THE NET: Stay Working & Build Financial Security
THE LADDER: Advance on the Job
THE LADDER: Financial Stability


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730 I Street
Anchorage, AK 99501
Phone: (907) 231-1144