Pick. Click. Give.

Help Nine Star Build Healthier Communities

Pick.Click.Give. provides a reliable way for Alaskans to support eligible non-profit organizations including Nine Star Education and Employment Services. Created by the Alaska State Legislature in 2008, the program allows Alaskans filing for their PFD online to donate all or a portion of their PFD eligible charitable and educational organizations. In just a few short years, Pick.Click.Give. has helped generate nearly $1.5 million for Alaska causes.

By giving to Nine Star Education and Employment Services, you help us to continue to our mission to help Alaskans get a job, keep a job, and advance on the job, building healthier families and communities.

Please consider a gift today. You may give anywhere from $25 up to the full amount of your dividend. Also, every Alaskan who files online for a PFD dividend can give through this program, so every member of your family has the option to participate. This is an excellent way to help teach your children about the value of giving to the community.


How to Pick.Click.Give.

  1.  Visit pfd.alaska.gov and click the green Add or Change or Pick.Click.Give Donations button on the right side of the screen.
  2. Click Yes, proceed.
  3. Fill out the fields. You will need your Name, Social Security Number, Date of birth, and Driver’s License Number. Click the Submit Search button.
  4. Under 2017 Applications on the right side of the page click the Details button.
  5. To add or change your donation click the Add or Change or Pick.Click.Give Donations button.
  6. Search for Nine Star Education and Employment Services
  7. Click the Add Pledge button.
  8. Select Your Pledge Amount then click Submit Changes.